1. Paying Homage to the Paradox of Personal Information Management

    I would be negligent in starting this exploration, without first acknowledging the inherent paradox of using a personal computer to manage personal information. Without doubt, nothing is more effective for managing personal information than a modern computer. This is even more true when adding in the associated, and ever present, handheld devices and the mysterious cloud that keeps them all in sync, or at least keeps them all in sync some of the time. But, it is precisely these computing devices themselves which generate the lion’s share of information that we then have to manage.

    In ancient times, when we managed information on paper, we did not have to deal with url’s, logins and passwords, email addresses, software serial numbers, saved webarchives and a myriad of PDF software manuals. In fact, when I look through my most used DEVONthink databases, I find the vast majority of the webarchives, PDF’s and outlined notes relate to operating the very software I use to manage personal information, including DEVONthink itself.

    So there, I have acknowledged the paradox. Given that it is no longer practical to live in the world without a computer, I guess I just have to live with the paradox. So now, I can move on.

  2. Let the quest begin!

    Let the quest begin!

  3. The Quest for MacPIM Perfection

    Every since I installed an early version of Claris Organizer on a used PowerBook 145, I have been on a quest for the perfect system to manage personal information on my Macintosh. Along the way, I have come to realize that there is no perfect personal information manager. As my needs have changed over the years, perfection itself shifted. Add a MacBook Pro to your mix, and suddenly the need for synchronization changes everything. I have concluded that there is no perfect PIM, only the perfect PIM for right now.

    So rather than rehash the Things versus Omnifocus, or the Yojimbo versus DEVONthink Pro cage matches, I instead intend to use this Blog to elucidate the underlying issues and principles of Mac Personal Information Management, so that you can find the perfect PIM, for you, for now.

    So much in the spirit of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, let the quest for MacPIM begin.

    - Mark Prazoff